Sunday evening, Super Bowl LIV got underway at Miami's Hard Rock Stadium as the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs were poised to face off in the NFL championship game. Before things got underway, however, Demi Lovato took her spot center stage to deliver on her rendition of the National Anthem as scheduled. Ultimately, it proved to be a powerful vocal display from the songstress, and social media proved to be in mass consensus. 


The moment arrived just shortly after the singer and actress resurfaced an old tweet in which she predicted that she would one day sing the national anthem at the Big Game.

"One day, I'm gonna sing the national anthem at a super bowl," she penned on Feb. 7, 2010. "Onnnee dayyy...."

That year it was country singer Carrie Underwood who took on the task of singing the anthem as the New Orleans Saints overpowered the Indianapolis Colts in the exact same venue and location, then dubbed the Sun Life Stadium. Lovato's performance also arrives just a week after her stirring performance at the Grammys last Sunday. She was met with a standing ovation after delivering on a teary rendition of her "Anyone" song, based on her struggles with addiction.