It was recently that Jerry Richardson, controlling owner of the Carolina Panthers, announced his plans to sell the team after this season. His announcement came on the heels of the sexual harassment allegations and accusations of his using racial slurs in the workplace.

Sunday night, this move was soon followed up with Sean "Diddy" Combs announcement of his intent to buy the team himself. Diddy would go on to tweet out that there are no African-American controlling owners in the NFL, and put out a call to action to "make history."

Soon enough, North Carolina-bred Steph Curry would quote Diddy's original tweet, voicing his interest in joining the bid to own the Panthers. Naturally, the internet had some fun with the idea, whipping up their own takes on the possibility of Diddy owning an NFL team, dealing out the usual hilarity in the process. Catch a few of Twitter's top reactions below.