Drake can't catch a break. On Thursday night, ABC helicopter reporter Chris Cristi exposed Hip-Hop's Certified Lover Boy while he was taking an unidentified woman on an extremely romantic and exclusive dinner date on the third baseline of Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles. What was likely supposed to be an incredibly secretive occasion is ironically one of the most talked-about stories of the week now that photos of Drake and another woman have gone viral on social media.

As expected, fans have already gotten on the case and started trying to figure out who the mysterious woman in the newly surfaced photographs is. Some eagle-eyed sleuths have deduced that the Hip-Hop community has already been introduced to the woman who Drake was wining and dining at Dodger Stadium. 

Apparently, many people are convinced that the woman in the photos is the mother of LeBron James Jr.'s high school teammate Amari Bailey. Last month, Drake was seen flirting with Johanna Leia while at one of Sierra Canyon High School's basketball games, and now it looks like fans may have actually witnessed the start of a beautiful relationship.

Although news of Drake's secret Dodger Stadium date arrives almost immediately after he shot his shot at BIA during Nicki Minaj's IG Live on Thursday, fans can't stop talking about the possibility that Drake's "big booty ting," as Nicki would say, is actually Amari Bailey's mom. Check out the best Twitter reactions below.