The story of the fabled Drake x Benny the Butcher collaboration track has been a long, winding one that has ultimately yielded nothing. With the exception of a handful of tweets and imaginative minds thinking up what a Six God x Benny track could possibly sound like, there hasn't been a whole lot of *actual* information or soundbites. 

That is, until today. 

Appearing on the internet earlier this afternoon, we were blessed with a leaked version of "Buffalo Freestyle" featuring both Drake and Benny. 

Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Starting off with Drizzy rapping "I'm iller than the illness that these people wish me, Drake be joshing around but life wasn't Nickelodeon or Disney," the Toronto rapper set the tone for what would prove to be an insane track. Continuing to rap lines like "my resumé is thicker than Nicki, I'm busy busy," and "I guess Cinderella must have called up her own Uber, I've always been able to see the depths of my own future," Drake comes correct before passing the mic across Niagara Falls to his Lake Ontario brother, Benny the Butcher. 

And like always, Benny attacks the mic with a ferocity few have seen before. With lines like "it's worth more when you earn it, guilty the verdict, burnin' large bills in the furnace," and "they tying me to greats, every other week I'm buying me a safe, I learned it's more satisfying when you wait," the Griselda member raps exactly how he should and how he sounds best and gives this seeming-Drake record a dimension that only a rapper like The Butcher could provide. 

Last month, in an interview with No JumperBenny told host Adam22 that he and Drake did have a record on the way, but that the Certified Lover Boy rollout had taken up much of Drake's time. 

"He hit me the other day and said 'let's drop it as a freestyle'," Benny said. "I know he's doing shit and working on his album. Same thing with me. He's just trying to pick the right spot cause it's something he and I want to do. It's about picking the right spot."

Whether we ever catch a studio version of this record is yet to be seen but the if the leaks circulating around the internet sound anything like what the final product does, we'll all be rejoicing. 

Most of the leaked versions have been taken down but if you get a chance, check out that new Drake x Benny the Butcher and let us know what you think in the comments.