During the first episode of "Ball In The Family," the Ball family's new 10-episode reality series which airs on Thursdays exclusively via Facebook, Lonzo Ball made a comment regarding hip-hop and how nobody listens to Nas anymore.

When the Los Angeles Lakers' rookie point guard was told by someone off camera that he would be forced to listen to “real hip-hop” during his interviews, Lonzo replied,

“That’s not gonna happen,” he told a man behind the camera. “Y’all outdated, man. Don’t nobody listen to Nas anymore […] Real hip-hop is Migos, Future.”

That soundbite has been blasted all over the internet today and for once it's the typically reserved Lonzo, not his outspoken father LaVar, that is feeling the wrath of the world wide web for something he said.

You may recall that this isn't the first time Lonzo received backlash for stating his opinion about music. Earlier this year the 19-year old point guard was roasted on twitter after he listed his Top-5 rappers of all time, which included Future, DMX, 50 Cent, Lil Wayne and Tupac. He later created a firestorm on social media by tweeting, "Issa > 4:44."

Check out some of the reactions to Lonzo's latest comments about hip-hop below.