Well you’d never believe it, but the Golden State Warriors completed the sweep of the Cleveland Cavaliers Friday night to win their second straight NBA Finals Championship, and their third out of four years.

The Warriors won 108-85 Friday night with a signature third-quarter run that buried the Cavs. Steph Curry led all players with 37 points, while Kevin Durant, who was named Finals MVP, put up a triple double with 20-10-11. Klay put up a clutch 10, while Iguodala hit three 3-pointers, totaling 11 himself. As for Lebron James, he didn’t give his herculean performance, scoring only 23 points in 41 minutes.

From the tip off, it was clear the Warriors were the more dominate team this series, and everyone knew that. Hell, before the series even started, Las Vegas put the Cavs as the biggest underdogs in the Finals’ since the ’01 76ers team against the Lakers.

Well what we thought was going to happen sure did, and Twitter wasn’t shy about voicing their opinion about the uneventful Finals. We went ahead and rounded up some of the best reactions from Friday’s night unsurprising Warriors victory.