Twitter is attempting to make their services more transparent for users. With that in mind, the site is implementing a new method for reported tweets. Twitter users who report tweets that violate Twitter's guidelines will now be able to tell if their actions resulted in a deleted post. The social media site announced on Wednesday that they would display a message for tweets that violate their terms of service. The reasoning behind this new method is that users can now discern whether a tweet was deleted by the user themselves, or if Twitter had to step in a remove the statement. 

In a blog post to users, Twitter announced that, "Now, once we've required a Tweet to be deleted, we will display a notice stating that the Tweet is unavailable because it violated the Twitter Rules along with a link to the Rules and an article that provides more detail on how we enforce our rules. This notice will be displayed on both the account’s profile and the specific Tweet for 14 days after the Tweet is deleted. You'll see this change rolling out to both the app and on in the coming weeks."

The new method will be implemented within the next few weeks.