As allegations continue to pile up against R. Kelly and his rumored "sex cult," details are starting to break out about the extent of what several victims endured. The singer has been accused of sexual abuse by a handful of women and two of the alleged victims, Asante McGee and Kitti Jones, have spoken out about how they were mistreated. When speaking with Megyn Kelly on her NBC program, Kitti and Asante discussed their stories, surprising many with details of what went down in Kelly's house.

The two women bravely retold their stories to Megyn Kelly this morning noting that their living circumstances were extreme. Detailing how the singer was extremely controlling, Kitti said, "I had to wear sweatpants, I had to stand up when he walked in a room." Going even further, the alleged victim says that when she wanted to leave a room, she would need to send a text message to one of R. Kelly's runners who would inform him of anything as simple as needing to use the restroom. Additionally, Asante revealed that they were required to address Kelly as "Daddy," and if they did not, they would be punished or slapped. She states that, while she lived at his house, there were a total of four women in the alleged sex cult, including Joycelyn Savage, who she believes is not there on her own free will.

Some of the details given during the interview are disturbing. Watch the full clip below.