According to multiple reports, two high-profile K-pop stars have been sentenced to prison for sexual assault. Jung Joon-young and musician Choi Jong-hoon, were convicted on Friday of conspiring in the sexual assault of a woman who was incapable of resisting, according to the Seoul Central District Court. The court said in a statement that they were convicted of committing “special quasi-raping,” which it said means multiple people collaborating to have illicit sexual intercourse with a person who was unconscious or unable to resist. In addition, Jung was also found guilty of filming women against their will and sharing the sexually explicit material to members of an online group chat.

For their sick act, the court sentenced Jung for six years in jail and Choi for five years. Both men are also required to complete 80 hours of a sexual violence treatment program as well. They reportedly have one week to appeal the judge's decision if they wish. 

This report comes just days after learning that fellow K-pop star, Goo Hara, was found dead at her home in Seoul, Korea in what reports believe was a suicide.