Yes, you read that correctly. About a week ago, two men from Louisa, Virginia stole alcohol from a Sheetz convenience store at a gas station, while wearing homemade Watermelon face masks. 

In a case that sounds more like a bad game of Truth-or-Dare, the bizarre duo was caught on camera in the convenience store each wearing a hollowed-out watermelon with holes cut out in the fruit for their eyes over their heads.

While the duo did not use any weapons during the incident, the two were still successful. Why the masked robbers were even allowed to shop in the store with entire watermelons covering their heads is a whole other topic, however, the suspects were able to make off in a 2006 Toyota Tacoma with alcohol and other stolen items. 

Watermelon thieves

Image via Louisa Police Department

One suspect of the watermelon-sporting duo, 20-year-old Justin Rogers was arrested and charged for misdemeanor larceny of alcohol, misdemeanor possession of alcohol by an underage person, and felony prohibition of wearing a mask in public, announced Louisa police chief Tom Leary. Police are still searching for the second masked individual involved in the theft, and are asking the public to help identify him.

Whether you consider this innovative or chaotic, these two are undeniably iconic.