Throughout the past month, there have been various protests all throughout the United States, and even the world, in regard to racial inequality and injustice. Certain cities have had extended protests, including Seattle which is now known for being the home of the CHAZ or what is now known as CHOP. Needless to say, tensions are high as many want real change, while others look to keep the status quo.

Last night, the scene in Seattle was particularly scary as a speeding car drove into a crowd of people and swiped two protesters. In the graphic video below, you can see the driver go full speed into the two women who end up on the ground. It's a truly disturbing sight that by all means, looks intentional.

According to TMZ, the two women are in the hospital with one in critical condition and the other in serious condition. The woman in critical condition has life-threatening injuries, while the other woman has some significant injuries. As for the driver, they have been brought into custody although a motive has yet to be determined. In fact, it is being reported that inebriation was not a factor in the attack.

Stay tuned for updates on this situation as we will be sure to bring them to you.