Ian Connor has had a continued fall from grace ever since multiple women came forward accusing the stylist and friend to many a rapper a rapist. The first accusation surfaced in April, following which, it's been reported that as many as ten women have came forward-- Amber Rose recently quoted the number "21" for the amount of women who came to her personally with claims against Connor. Not only that, but it appears as though tensions are mounting within the circle of rappers Ian runs with. Recently Theophilus London, friend to Kanye West (as is Connor), called out the model on twitter which led to some IRL fighting.

Connor is being exposed once again, as two women have taken to twitter to share DMs the stylist sent them respectively. The Daily Beast reports that in both cases, the threatening messages came after either women sent out tweets labeling Connor as a rapist.

You can take a look at their tweets with screenshots from the back-and-forth with Connor below. Following these allegations, Connor sent out a tweet that alleging that he and Kanye are still on good terms after a user tweeted the opposite-- Connor basically stated that its Yeezy who is currently paying for Connor live in Japan (where he's apparently been hiding out since these rape allegations surfaced).