It's been three years since Ty Dolla $ign dropped off a solo album with Beach House 3, though 2018's Jeremih-assisted Mih-Ty went a long way in keeping the momentum going. Yet since then, it's been relatively quiet for Ty Dolla, one of R&B's most acclaimed and versatile talents. Of course, that's not to say it's been entirely crickets. He recently dropped off a new single "Ego Death" with Kanye West, Skrillex, and FKA Twigs, which initially sparked speculation that he was gearing up for a return. Now, a recent tweet has all but confirmed that the wheels are in motion.

Mark Davis/Getty Images

Though he didn't exactly spill the beans the way some fans might have hoped, Ty Dolla $ign confirmed that he would be making a "big announcement tomorrow," which immediately sparked a wave of fan theory-crafting. Of course, many inferred that his recently announced Dream House album would be involved. Some speculated that the Kanye West & Nicki Minaj-assisted "New Body" was the alternative option, with others clamoring for a different Nicki Minaj collaboration "Expensive" -- clearly, Ty Dolla's tweet served as a Barb-signal of sorts, drawing out Minaj in droves.

No matter how things fall, it points to a major move for Dolla, one that likely has some relation to his upcoming Dream House project. It does feel like the perfect time for him to come out swinging, as a lot has happened since Beach House 3 landed in all its intimate glory. Let's hope that whatever he ends up tweeting sheds some light on his future musical endeavors. Are you looking forward for some new Ty Dolla?