When "Dip" was first released alongside "Swap Meet," Tyga knew right away that something (or someone rather) was missing to make it the hit it deserved to be. T-Raw and Nicki Minaj go way back, initially starting their work relationship as part of Young Money. The two artists learned the tricks of the trade from Lil Wayne and now, they're both on top of their respective games. Tyga experienced a major comeback in 2018 as his reputation has been somewhat renewed and Nicki Minaj had another year of successful singles. When Nicki hopped on "Dip," a big deal was made of it. The track was re-debuted on Beats 1 Radio and it became one of Tyga's more popular songs of the year. Now, the numbers are showing their hard work as it's just been awarded gold certification.

These days, it's a little more difficult to get recognized by the RIAA. Now that we're in the streaming era, sales are hard to come by and only a specific number of streams will count toward your total units moved. Tyga announced that "Dip" with Nicki Minaj is now certified gold, showing off the digital version of his plaque. Just another success for the Los Angeles based rapper after he made a major impact with "Taste."

What did you think of the new version of the song? Better than the original?