Tyga is getting into the holiday spirit with a very unorthodox Christmas decoration. The rapper posted a photo on his Instagram on Friday of himself sitting in his opulent, neutral-coloured living room, sporting some fresh braids as he peers at his phone. However, the primary focus of the photo is his entirely crimson-coloured Christmas tree, including ornaments, practically popping out of the frame in the right-hand corner. While the designated Christmas colours have always been red and green since anyone can probably remember, the tree typically stays green, based simply on the fact this is the natural colour of the leaves on the types of trees we decorate for the holiday. Some people opt for a white tree to imitate snow, usually accented with blue and silver ornaments, but these are, of course, fake. Tyga's tree is obviously fake as well, but making the choice to get a red fake tree is bold, and definitely makes him stand out in the Christmas decor game. Even if it lowkey looks like it's drenched in blood.

Tyga had already posted a solo shot of the tree a few days ago, which turned his extravagant tree from last year, complete with oversized ornaments, into an annual tradition that he will be expected to uphold from now on. We already can't wait to see what he'll do next year.