We cannot wait to watch the full video for "Ayy Macarena" when it drops tomorrow. When he was teasing the upcoming video drop for "Bop," the California-based rapper posted a photo of himself rocking an old-school pimp's outfit and a peculiar hairstyle. Usually, his musical displays show him surrounded by twerking women, water, and money. He's been more imaginative in the last twelve months though and the upcoming clip for "Ayy Macarena" is about to blow our minds again.

Debuting his brand new look on social media, Tyga took a trip South of the border and adopted the customs, taking after a Mexican mobster with his attire and his look. Slicking his hair back, T-Raw grew out his 'stache and styled it in a handlebar fashion, bringing up the ends and looking like an absolute boss. Tyga looks like he's about to jump into a business meeting with millions in cash in a briefcase before pulling out a handgun and threatening his partners to pay up or else. 

With a cigar in his mouth, a suit on, and two gangsters by his side, the "Ayy Macarena" video is set to be nothing like the original track. Are you looking forward to seeing what Tyga came up with? The video releases tomorrow.