New hair and, as far as the number on his shopping bills go, Tyga doesn't care.

[Image via TMZ]

According to TMZ, the rapper debuted a new afro while cruising around Los Angeles earlier this week, apparently grabbing some last-minute items on his holiday shopping list. In fact, while he was in Beverly Hills, some Prada products made its way into his shopping bag. Clearly the recent burglary to his storefront hasn't hurt his spending habit at all. Check out a video from the gossip outlet below.

The burglars, who hit Tyga's Last Kings joint in L.A. earlier this month, supposedly made off with over $50,000 in merchandise. While some electronic items had been taken, including a flat-screen TV, $50,000 of that haul was just clothing. The criminals let themselves in through the back way by prying open the rear entrance door, leading local law enforcement to suspect that they may have had help from someone on the inside. As of this writing, no arrests have been made in connection with the robbery.

Nevertheless, it seems that the net loss Tyga took in that instance hasn't curbed his spending habits in the slightest. With two well-received full-length projects dropping in 2017, Bitch I'm The S**t 2 and Bugatti Raww, there's certainly plenty of new music that continues to keep the funds rolling in for the rapper. In addition to that, he's also got a new single "Temperature," which finds Tyga attempted to stray a little bit from the trap sound and focus more on delivering a sensual, more reggae-infused piece of work.

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