Today is Tyga's birthday. So first off, happy birthday Tyga! The rapper has a lot to celebrate this year. He recently penned a multi-million dollar deal with Columbia Records and cannot stop putting out hits. His next song to blow up may very likely be "Ayy Macarena", which he released two weeks ago

The song spawned an obvious challenge: fans doing the classic Spanish dance, but to Tyga's remix of course. Tyga has been reposting videos of people participating in the #MacarenaChallenge, but after a few (read: many) drinks at his birthday celebration, he decided to join in on the fun.

T-Raww's Instagram posts from last night unfold like a three-act play. The first features him chugging a bottle of Don Julio 1942 in the stunning pool area of a mansion in St. Barths. The first swig didn't seem to go down too smoothly, but the man power through for another. His next post - which provides the context of "11 shots laterrrr" - shows Tyga and his friend spraying bottles of champagne before they take off flailing and screeching around the crib. To close the show, Tyga appears shirtless and does the #MacarenaChallenge with some additional dance moves thrown in there. It's hard to watch the videos without feeling some symptoms of second-hand intoxication, but we hope Tyga safely enjoys his birthday vacation! 

Watch the evening's proceedings below.