Tyga has done as much to confirm his relationship with Kylie Jenner as he has to deny it. When asked straight up if the two are dating, he'll generally dodge the question and maintain that the two are "just friends". However, loving Instagram posts have made that claim hard to believe, and his new tattoo is his biggest proclamation yet.

Spotted yesterday with a large "Kylie" tatt on his arm, it's pretty clear that he's letting Jenner -- in the words of Rick Ross -- know it's real. At least that's what sources close to TMZ have reported, who claim that Tyga got the ink yesterday to prove his commitment to Kylie.

This could all be tied to Blac Chyna in the end, who revealed some texts from Tyga (the father of her child), which could be read as an attempt to rekindle things. 

Check out some pictures of the pretty large tatt in the gallery above.