In his rookie season with the Miami Heat, Tyler Herro showed tremendous potential especially as it pertains to his time in the NBA bubble. His Heat went all the way to the NBA Finals and while they ultimately lost, Herro learned a valuable lesson in terms of what it takes to make it to a championship series.

Since that time, things have been turbulent for Herro although he remains confident in his abilities moving forward. In Miami, he has plenty of dedicated fans, and some of them are even willing to crash their cars just to meet him.

Tyler Herro

Rey Del Rio/Getty Images

While that scenario might seem like an exaggeration, we assure you, it's not. In a video that went viral on social media last night, Herro was seen signing autographs for fans when all of a sudden, the camera pans to two women who were in their vehicle looking to get a close-up of the NBA star. That's when they forgot to put the car in park, which led to the vehicle rolling straight into the wall.

The two women were okay although they seemed pretty surprised by what they had done. The car doesn't seem to be all that damaged although one has to wonder if all that trouble was truly worth it.

As for Herro, he was unphased by the whole thing as he continued to sign autographs despite what had just happened. Needless to say, he had one thing on his mind and that was signing as many items as possible.