Tyler Herro's rookie season with the Miami Heat was certainly one to remember as he cemented himself as a player to watch as his career progresses. He played with fiery passion and showcased some raw offensive talent that is poised to only get better. Not to mention, he helped lead the Heat to an NBA Finals appearance against the Los Angeles Lakers, and while the Heat lost, it became clear that Herro has the potential to improve and become a real threat, night in and night out.

Perhaps his most significant moment in the Finals came in Game 3 when he offered up a snarl that eventually became a meme all over social media. It was a moment that saw felt was costly to the Heat as it motivated the Lakers to come out and dominate the Heat the rest of the way. Regardless, it seems like Herro has fully embraced the meme as he sported a t-shirt that encapsulates the moment, during a recent on-court workout.

Wearing a shirt that features a meme of yourself is a bit of a flex but we wouldn't expect anything less from Herro, who has all of the flash necessary to become a successful player in a city like Miami.

Heading into next year, we're sure Herro will provide us with plenty of other highlight-reel moments.

Tyler Herro

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images