Tyler Herro had himself an incredible rookie season although this past year, he suffered a massive sophomore slump. There are now rumors that he could be traded elsewhere, and it seems like Miami is worried about just how much Herro wants to become some sort of celebrity. Regardless, Herro is still a strong talent in the NBA and throughout the offseason, he has been trying new things to work on his game.

In fact, Herro has been putting in work when it comes to the sport of boxing. Everyone seems to be trying the sport these days and Herro is no different. In the clip below, the Heat star can be seen throwing some wild punches that have him winding up pretty far backward. 


Herro's form had a lot of fans talking on social media, as they were quick to point out that he is going to throw out his shoulder if he continues to box like this. Some were even roasting the trainer for not trying to improve Herr's punching technique. Either way, Herro still has a lot to learn if he's going to make it in boxing.

You can see what fans had to say about it all, down below.


Tyler Herro

Mitchell Leff/Getty Images