The murder of Breonna Taylor has been a catalyst for change across the nation, however, there still has not been justice in several aspects of the case. One man still looking for his own justice is Taylor's boyfriend. On top of the tragedy of losing his girlfriend, Kenneth Walker is in the center of a lawsuit that involves Louisville PD officer Jonathan Mattingly. Mattingly is suing Walker for emotional distress and trauma after being shot by Walker during the raid of Taylor's home. All charges against Walker were dropped by the state, prompting Mattingly to try and sue for himself. 

As reported by TMZ, Walker's GoFundMe had a goal of $100k for legal defense but had stalled out around $10k. That's when Tyler Perry stepped in. Perry donated to the GoFundMe in four separate installments back-to-back. First, Perry donated two installments of $10k, then donated $50k, and ended it with a final donation of $30k. Essentially, he paid off the entire goal. 

The basics of Mattingly's reasoning coincides with the same arguments we have heard throughout the entire case. The officer is claiming that he announced himself before breaking into the apartment, while Walker and neighbors say that the police did not announce themselves.