Never have two side-by-side BMWs looked so wholesome. On Friday, Frank Ocean posted a story on his Instagram of two BMW E30 M3s, one orange and one beige. Frank didn't put a caption on the photo, other than adding an emoji of an orange above the orange car, and one of an ice cream cone above the beige car. Pigeons & Planes reposted the photo on their Instagram account with the double-meaning caption: "Frank & Tyler’s miracle whips." Many users recognized Frank's orange car from the cover of his 2011 mixtape, Nostalgia, Ultra, but not everyone knew that the other car belonged to Tyler, including P&P, who likely had a different caption before one user pointed out that "the other one is Tyler's" in the comments. Another user commented "mayonnaise colored benz, I push miracle whips!" referencing a lyric from Kanye West's song, "Wack N****z." 

The two former OFWGKTA group members were recently involved in some public drama which took place at Tyler's Camp Flog Gnaw music festival on November 10th. Frank wasn't technically involved, since he didn't attend the festival in any capacity, but therein lied the issue for fans. Frank was a hugely anticipated surprise guest, despite no concrete evidence existing that he would show up at all. Instead, fans were disappointed when Drake showed up in Frank's place, ultimately booing him off the stage before he could finish his set. Though Frank never responded to the whole ordeal, Tyler expressed his shame and embarrassment towards his fans in a Twitter thread, even changing his bio on Twitter to drive the point home. Drake, however, laughed it off and made jokes about the whole thing, and his own fans even came to his defence. Fingers crossed that Tyler and Frank drive their matching whips up to Camp Flog Gnaw together next year.