Tyler, The Creator and Odd Future have had their share of critics, but this is probably the most extreme measure taken against the group. New Zealand immigration authorities have banned Odd Future from entry to the country-- making the announcement while the OF crew was already on their way to the airport.

The reason for the ban was said to be in line with a law of the NZ immigration act, the representatives stated. “The Immigration Act 2009 provides that entry permission may not be granted where there is reason to believe there is, or is likely to be, a threat or risk to public order or the public interest.”

The authorities cited a specific incident which caused them to put Tyler and his crew in that category. "Odd Future has been deemed to be a potential threat to public order and the public interest for several reasons, including incidents at past performances in which they have incited violence. In one instance, a police officer was hospitalised following a riot incited by Odd Future."

Odd Future was travelling down under to perform at the Rapture Festival in Auckland, which is to be headlined by Eminem (a man who is no stranger to this kind of controversy).

A few people have already spoken out about the decision, including the managers of both Odd Future and Eminem, as well as Tyler himself.

Read their tweets below.