Upon learning that his Father Of Asahd -an album far removed from his own "We The Best" standard- was destined for the number two spot, DJ Khaled found himself in an uncharacteristically bitter place. The usually affable mogul proceeded to unleash an irritated rant, concluding in a few clear shots at Tyler, The Creator's IGOR. In the end, Tyler's number one album found itself sporting a new "mysterious" label, one that his fans have since adopted in a facetious manner. And while Khaled claims his beef has been with Billboard from the jump, that hasn't stopped Tyler from feeling some type of way. In the wake of Khaled's "fightin' words," Tyler has launched his own low-key guerilla campaign in retaliation.

Rich Fury/Getty Images

Akademiks caught wind of Tyler's recent "liking" habits, which found him hitting the heart on a direct shot at DJ Khaled's album. The original Twitter user ro vega compared Khaled's project to a mismatched designer fit, lavish in name only, void of any semblance of style. Tyler wasted little time in appreciating the comment, which in itself reveals his feelings toward Khaled's position in this feud. 

In other words, Tyler is laughing all the way to the bank. And while he's laughing, he's pointing his finger at Khaled, like Nelson Muntz uttering a well-deserved "Ha Ha." Yet not all is lost, amidst Khaled's deviation from the path. Sometimes, a character-building L can serve as a welcome wake-up call. That is, if Tyler's low-key psychological warfare doesn't succeed in pushing him to the edge.