Tyler, The Creator's had a great year. He released IGOR, received more Grammy nominations, hit the road, and ultimately, received rightfully deserved credit for his creativity as an artist. On top of all of that, he hosted yet another successful Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival and continued to grow the Golf Wang brand.

While the rapper's been seeing so much success this year, and the holidays right around the corner, he treated himself to a brand new piece of bling. According to TMZ, the rapper dropped $275K on an iced out new IGOR-inspired piece. The rapper enlisted the help of none other than Ben Baller who took on the piece as his final piece of the year and the decade. He didn't get into too much detail on the pendant but he did say that it is "made out of 18K gold and has a lot of cognac, chocolate, blue, black and white diamonds." He added, "The gradient levels of brown to match Tyler’s skin tone and especially when different shades of light hit it?"

Now, for anyone who's looking to get a custom piece from Ben Baller, it will probably not happen. He explained that there has to be a really good personal relationship already established and Tyler hasn't commissioned a piece from anyone else.

"Thank you Tyler for always trusting me. Even though I hate your guts in person, but I also LOVE YOU! I have seen you grow into something insane. Congrats on all your success. You deserve it 100%," he wrote.

Scroll through images of the chain below.