Twitter savant @LeftAtLondon made a name for herself in 2018 when she published a video tutorial labeled "How to make a Frank Ocean song." Since hitting pay dirt as Twitter's resident Frank Ocean expert, LeftAtLondon is back to races with a similar guide covering Tyler, the Creator's creative process, in simplified form. 

This time around, LeftAtLondon's ability to unpack compositional elements didn't go unnoticed by the artist himself, as Tyler literally went out of his way to credit her critical analysis of his work as "low-key spot on, omg." From there, the pair went about acknowledging each other's position, artist to impressionist, there and back again.  

After taking in the compliment, @LeftAtLondon was brazen enough to ask Tyler for a spot at Camp Flog Gnaw this year, which is interestingly enough, the exact moment their discourse went dead. As Complex was kind enough to uncover, a Spotify podcast called Dissect also puts Tyler's creative process into perspective, albeit under slightly different lines.  "We don’t very often get this trifecta of harmonic complexity, catchy singable melodies, and deep introspection, all wrapped into a single, extremely cohesive album," said Cole Cuchna in summation of Tyler's unifying artistic license. What do you make of the analysis, and LeftAtLondon's simplified explanation at that?