Tyler, The Creator's artistry has grown in astronomical ways over the last few years. From Flower Boy to IGOR, Tyler has revamped his sound on numerous occasions and continues to be one of the most well-respected artists in all of hip-hop. His success has allowed him to get numerous brand deals, and his latest was with the likes of Coca-Cola, who are easily the biggest soda brand in the entire world. Tyler even helped provide the music for a recent Coca-Cola commercial, which is something that excited fans.

According to the On Thin Ice Twitter account, Tyler's contributions to this commercial will actually be released as a real song. In fact, the track is called "Tell Me How" and fans can expect the new song to come out tonight along with all of the other big releases.

The name of the track fits perfectly with the song above, which uses "Tell Me How" as a refrain. Stylistically, this is one of those vintage Tyler bangers that fans remember him for during the early stages of the 2010s. With this new single coming out, there is a possibility that Tyler could have a lot in store for us, sooner rather than later.

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Tyler, The Creator

Rachel Murray/Getty Images for Kodak