Though he's since developed into an adventurous musical auteur, Tyler, The Creator once nursed a startling reputation. Prone to bouts of violent lyricism, occasionally lined with misogyny and homophobic slurs, Tyler's early material served to ruffle a few feathers during his rise. In fact, ithe controversy wasn't entirely different from Eminem's rise, which makes sense given Tyler's admiration for Slim's Relapse. Unfortunately for Tyler, some places weren't exactly down with his particular brand of creative expression. Almost eight years ago, the Igor artist found himself banned from both entering and performing in New Zealand, an addition to a list including Australia and the United Kingdom.

Christopher Polk/Getty Images 

That is, until now. Pitchfork confirms that Tyler's New Zealand ban has officially been lifted. The report cites a statement from New Zealand's Immigration offices, claiming Tyler “is no longer deemed to be a potential threat to public order and the public interest.” While that in itself is an eyebrow-raising take, it appears to be water under the bridge. Tyler has since responded by booking his first show in New Zealand in nearly eight years - a headlining stint at the 2020 Bay Dreams Festival.

Big news for Tyler's New Zealand fans, who can finally rest easy knowing the public order is no longer in jeopardy. But in all seriousness, let's chalk this one up as a win for hip-hop in general. Congrats, Tyler!