Pusha-T thinks that with Call Me If You Get Lost, Tyler, The Creator released the best album of the year so far. While many hip-hop fans agree that the album is one of the best projects to have released since January, Tyler is looking even further. He claims that this has the potential to be his greatest album of all time, speaking his truth on Twitter this weekend.

Dissecting his discography, Tyler admitted that he thinks his new album outclassed all of his previous releases, saying, "CMIYGL might overall be my best one. not necessarily my favorite (yet) but this one was executed at a level i havent hit before."

Johnny Nunez/Getty Images

When a fan pointed out that "favorite" and "best" aren't necessarily the same thing for Tyler, the rapper replied, "it doesnt equate and i think more people should understand that especially when they argue about music or whatever all day haha."

The 30-year-old superstar also praised Pharrell on the fifteen-year anniversary of In My Mind, paying homage to the legend with a tweet.

Tyler has been having an outstanding year. On top of his musical releases, he directed a recent commercial for Converse, which stars Vince Staples, Tim Meadows, and more

Do you think Call Me If You Get Lost is Tyler's best album to date? Is it your favorite?