Though he was once considered to be one of the greatest lyricists in mainstream hip-hop (because there was indeed a time where his music was hitting the charts), it feels like Lupe Fiasco has become somewhat of an outcast.

Perhaps that's exactly how he likes it; lest we forget the turmoil he went through in the industry, which ultimately derailed much of his momentum following his classic album The Cool. 

Lupe Fiasco

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Now, Lupe seems content with observing the game from afar, occasionally popping up with a stellar freestyle or a take on top-tier lyricism. For the record, his bar is uniquely lofty, having previously said that Aesop Rock, Homeboy Sandman, King Los, and Black Thought are the only active "high-tier" rappers

In any case, Tyler, The Creator found himself inspired to celebrate Lupe Fiasco, while at the same time lamenting how the game treated him during the peak of his career. Though largely implied, his tone seems to insinuate that he feels as if Lu was cast aside to be forgotten; it's entirely possible that the reception to Lasers, an album plagued by behind-the-scenes industry turmoil, had something to do with Tyler's message.

Tyler, The Creator

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Perhaps Tyler's claim will spark a bit of nostalgia, and in turn retroactive appreciation, for Lupe's extensive back catalog. After all, its the perfect time to dive back into his music -- lest we forget that Lu recently announced that he had crafted his Illmaticthough he has yet to unveil a release date. It will be interesting to see if Lupe takes notice of Tyler's tweet, and perhaps we'll actually see a collaboration between the two lyricists somewhere down the line.

Do you agree that the game should have done better to "protect" Lupe?