Last year, Tyra Banks was hosting Dancing With The Stars when she was inspired by artists like Nicki Minaj and Jennifer Lopez. The supermodel mogul dressed in an outfit that was plucked from their fashion choices of yesteryear, and it seems that she is reviving the tradition, this time with hairstyles. Banks is back into the swing of her hosting duties now that DWTS is back in action, and that means audiences will witness just what the fashion icon and her team have come up with.

During the premiere, things went sideways when Tyra mentioned Saweetie online, stating that she told her hairstyling team that she wanted a look that mirrored the rapper's baby hair. Things didn't work out as planned.

Tyra Banks
Emma McIntyre / Staff / Getty Images

It looked as if Tyra was sporting a cornrowed wig with the baby hairs slicked down, but it didn't give the same Saweetie vibe that was expected. Fans flocked to social media with screenshots and commentary, but it doesn't look as if Saweetie had much to say just yet. The memes and jokes piled in so we've collected a few for you to enjoy.

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