Tom Brady picked up his seventh Super Bowl on Sunday in what proved to be an impressive win for the ages. Brady dominated the match from start to finish and he even got in the heads of some of the defensive players on the Chiefs. Chief among them, no pun intended, was Tyrann Mathieu, who could be seen trash talking with Brady during multiple points in the game. In fact, the trash talk seemed to be quite chippy, which led to a few highlights.

After the game, Mathieu took to Twitter claiming that Brady called him something that he would rather not repeat to his fans. Of course, this immediately led to some speculation, but in the end, Mathieu deleted the tweet.

“He called me something I won’t repeat but yeah I’ll let all the media throw me under bus as if I did something or said something to him,” Mathieu wrote. “Go back to my previous games against TB12 I showed him nothing but respect. Look at my interviews about him… I show grace.”

Some fans took exception to what Mathieu was implying here, especially since the tweet was very ambiguous. In the end, Mathieu realized it was better to just move on, and that's exactly what he did.

Tyrann Mathieu

Patrick Smith/Getty Images