Throughout the history of the NFL, there have been some pretty incredible players at every single position. When it comes to wide receivers, the NFL has a pretty rich history and fans are always debating who was the greatest of all-time. For many, Jerry Rice is the undisputed GOAT especially when you factor in his four Super Bowl championships and his insane stats. 

For Tyreek Hill of the Kansas City Chiefs, the greatest wide receiver of all-time is actually Randy Moss. During an interview with TMZ, Hill explained exactly why he feels this way, noting that while Rice has all of the stats, there has simply never been another player as special as Moss. 

"Like, he just changed the game," Hill explained. "6-foot-4, run a 4.2, can create separation, can run routes, can catch the ball. Like, come on. Like, I understand Jerry got the stats, he got the touchdowns, he got all this, he can run routes -- but if I'm picking a receiver who's going to make me some plays in crunch times when I need them -- Randy Moss, definitely."

Moss is certainly considered a top-five talent at the position although calling him better than Jerry Rice will certainly drum up some debate, especially since Rice is beloved. With Hill's comments in mind, give us your best wide receiver, in the comments below.

Tyreek Hill

Jamie Squire/Getty Images