Tyreek Hill is easily one of the fastest players in the entire NFL and opposing secondaries always have problems containing him. With Patrick Mahomes under center, Hill has been able to thrive with the Kansas City Chiefs and on Sunday, he will get to compete in his second-straight Super Bowl, which promises to be an incredible matchup for the ages.

While speaking with TMZ recently, Hill spoke about one of his other goals, which also requires speed. The Chiefs wide receiver stated that he wants to be an Olympic sprinter and that had it not been for COVID, he would have tried out for the Tokyo Olympics. Hill understands that his body only has so much left in it, and he would want to take advantage sooner rather than later.

"It is still an option 'cause it's always been my dream to do multiple sports at the highest level," Hill said. "It would be amazing. I just want to prove a point and also, like, I love competing. Like I'm young so why not use everything that I got while I still have it. Because one day I'm going to be old and I'm not going to be as fast so just use everything I got."

In the clip below, you can see just how great of a springer Hill truly was, and if he really wanted to, we're sure he could some real damage on the International circuit. For now, however, he will have to focus on Sunday's game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, which should prove to be a huge test.

Tyreek Hill

Mark Brown/Getty Images