Kansas City Chiefs star wide receiver Tyreek Hill was the subject of scrutiny earlier this year when audio leaked of him talking to his fiancé about their son. Hill had been accused of abusing their child but no charges were laid. Once the disturbing audio was released, the case was reopened and Hill was suspended from all team activities

Angie Ricono and Chris Oberholtz of KCTV News released a report that states the investigation against Hill has been dropped and that he won't be facing any charges. As far as the case is concerned, that has been dropped as well which means Hill is legally off the hook.

“It is not an active investigation,” District Attorney Steve Howe told Brooke Pryor of the Kansas City Star on Friday. (via Pro Football Talk) “As in any case, if we receive additional evidence we reevaluate.”

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

In his statement, Howe said he truly believes that a crime was committed in this particular situation, although there simply isn't enough evidence or witnesses to confirm Hill's involvement in the alleged incident. 

While Hill won't be prosecuted, this doesn't mean the NFL won't punish him for the media firestorm that has been created here. With Hill suspended from the Chiefs for the time being, it isn't a stretch to think he'll be punished by the league as well.