At one point Tyrese Gibson was going through a lot and dealing with it quite publicly. His issues had to do with his ex-wife, Norma Gibson, who issued a restraining order against the actor after claiming he hit their daughter Shayla so hard, she was unable to sit down. Among it all, he had to attend numerous court hearings and claimed he was going broke. The Fast & Furious actor shared a few videos to social media where he balled his eyes out and he even claimed Will and Jada Smith loaned him $5 million dollars, but they followed up saying it wasn't true. 
It seems as though things may be clearing up for the actor since one of his biggest debts has partially been resolved. According to  The Blast, Tyrese owed $61,071.35 to his American Express credit card and now both parties have agreed to a settlement that will have Tyrese make "installment payments." The exact terms and monthly payment amount has been kept on the down low. 
The last report on Tyrese's financial matter was that he was making $51 thousand per month.