The holiday season is a great time to spend with family as we exchange gifts and warm tidings, however, 'tis the season for thieves looking for a come-up. Many of us have seen security camera videos online that show mask-wearing, sticky-fingered thieves snatching packages off of the front porches of strangers, but Tyrese Gibson reportedly had his Range Rover yanked from his driveway. A news report states that Tyrese notified authorities after his vehicle was stolen from his own home.

According to CBS46, it was approximately 8:00 a.m. when Tyrese called authorities to report that his 2016 Range Rover was missing. The Fast & Furious actor stated that he returned to his Atlanta home sometime around 1:15 a.m., but when he woke up, his vehicle was gone. He also admitted to police that he left the key fob inside of the car, thus making it that much easier for a thief to start the vehicle and drive off. 

There has reportedly been an increasing number of car-jackings and car thefts in the metro area, so authorities have warned residents against leaving keys or personal items inside of their vehicles. Security cameras around Tyrese's home reportedly captured footage of the moment his Range Rover was taken when what looked to be a Lexus or other four-door sedan cruised the area around 2:00 a.m.

Soon, a man reportedly wearing a hoodie was seen getting out of the passenger side of the sedan, walking up to Tyrese's vehicle, getting in, and driving off. By 2:06 a.m., the suspects had fled the scene and it's reported that the Range Rover was witnessed driving in the area of "Johnson Road and Hollywood Road" about seven and a half hours later.

“We’re seeing this pattern over and over,” Atlanta Police Deputy Chief Michael O’Connor said in November. “I believe roughly 70 percent of vehicles stolen this year have been stolen with the key fob inside.”

Tyrese claims he not only got this car back, but he bailed out the suspects because they were just trying to make money. Check out his post below.