Tyrese has been a tabloid fixture for some time now and, unfortunately, it's been for all the wrong reasons. Between the child abuse allegations that had surfaced involving his relationship with his daugther (which have since been dropped) to the constant social media shade that's been thrown his way by the likes of 50 Cent and others, it's only natural for Tyrese to want at least a brief break from that harsh spotlight. However, judging from a recent Instagram post, completely avoid the watchful eye of the Internet may not be possible, no matter what he says or does.

Yesterday (November 8th), the Fast & Furious actor shared a picture of him in the gym, writing a long heartfelt caption as accompaniment. "No one wanted to hire me, no one wanted to close deals with me false accusations have been following me for 10 years," he said. "I’m not done yet but I’m almost at the finish line and the goal is my baby." He also mentioned that he was taking a trip outside of the United States to get away from the scrutiny he's been feeling from the paparazzi. "I’m headed to Abu Dhabi for the formula 1 races," he explained, "and to see my non judgmental family and to take a much needed break from America and the blogs." Apparently, his wife advised him to take a fire extinguisher with him, in case he starts more fires - ouch.

That being said, she isn't the only one giving Tyrese a hard time about his planned trip, with one fan pointing out the obvious contradiction here: how can the actor/singer afford to go to Abu Dhabi when he's previously claimed that he's pretty much broke? "So you were not broke just worried about maintaining your lavish lifestyle," the fan said. "You seem kind of fake bro!" Tyrese was, predictably, quick with a response, saying: "I’m pretty famous dude I️ never ever pay for my own travel - ask around it’s the perks of working hard [...]"


It's not a great look for the movie star, however, when rumors about his financial difficulties are rampant. Will and Jada Smith, for example, had supposedly given him #5 million to aid in covering his legal fees, although this story was later proven false.

What do you think? Bad move by Tyrese, or fan overreaction? Let us know in the comments.