Tyrese and Norma Gibson have been locked in a tumultuous child support battle that has yielded some pretty ugly news stories. Just last week, Norma claimed that the exorbitant amount of money she spends on babysitters is justifiable because she's out here living her life. Luckily for Tyrese, a judge doesn't agree. As reported by TMZa judge agrees with the R&B singer and actor that there should be limits to how much he has to pay for his 11-year-old daughter Shayla's babysitters. 

Tyrese has no problem making sure his child is taken care of, he's just annoyed that Norma is running up bills that he has to pay. Norma is unemployed and claims that she uses the time away from home to help her further her own business. Tyrese doesn't believe that Norma is working to get a steady job, and she is just milking him for all he's worth. A judge decided that Tyrese does not have to pay for babysitters that are hired when Norma is on "non-work errands." The judge says that hiring a babysitter while Norma is "developing her life coaching biz, working on her book or pursuing her art" count towards reimbursement from Tyrese. Other than that, she'll have to shell out the cash herself.