Tyrese and his ex-wife Norma Gibson have a tumultuous relationship that has yielded many headlines over the years. Now, TMZ is reporting that there is more trouble in the shattered paradise. The media site is reporting that Tyrese was enraged when he learned that Norma flew out of the country on vacation, and left their daughter Shayla with a friend. Ty is heated that Norma didn't just alert him so he could take care of his daughter, instead of dumping her with a third party. In a new court filing obtained by TMZ, Tyrese claims Norma dropped the kid off to a classmate for a one-night sleepover, while she headed to Trinidad. 

Shayla was returned to Tyrese a day later. The R&B singer and actor says he learned about the sleepover after the fact, with no warning from Norma. Allegedly, Norma violated a court order from 2014 that gives him the right of first refusal in this type of scenario. A judge ruled that if Norma were to leave town, that Tyrese needs to be notified. Norma must appear in court now to justify leaving her child with a third party just one day before Ty's custody kicked back in. If she doesn't, she risks being held in contempt of court.