Uber found itself in a flaming, hot seat when a racist tweet posted on behalf hit the web. The transportation service's Twitter support account basked in controversy after an unknown worker replied to a customer complaint about a bad driver experience. The support account followed up on the customer by sincerely apologizing for the occurrence, but things quickly went left when the Twitter account referred to the client as a vile, racial slur. Though the tweet was since deleted, social media still got their hands on it and in response, crushed Uber to bits.

Uber took it to their official Twitter account to issue an apologetic statement: "We'd like to sincerely apologize for the offensive tweet that was sent earlier. We're investigating what happened to make sure it doesn't happen again."

According to Mashable, who attempted to get an explanation as to how the latter occurred, no responses were given by Uber representatives. Though, a theory states the account which initiated the complaint was a troll which purposely changed his username to the N-word in order to prompt the ensuing automated response from Uber Support's bot system. Nevertheless, the company should be extremely cautious of anything like that happening in the first place.