In the midst of the rise and fall of Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market as a whole, Garrett Camp - who co-founded the popular transportation app Uber - has announced his new global currency, Eco. 

Eco is described as a cryptocurrency that's not controlled by "any single individual, organization, or nation." Garrett announced his company's plan to issue one trillion tokens in light of Eco's launch. Thirty percent of the tokens are to go to Garrett's partners, managers, and advisors, while 20% will go to universities and the rest will be given to the first billion people who sign up. 

"Our mission is to distribute the majority of the economic value generated by the Eco platform to our community to create a more equitable distribution of resources," the official website states.

Overall the new type of currency looks to be in its early stages and is very open to feedback and any comments on ways to improve. If you're looking to break into the cryptocurrency market and play the fall and rise, Eco seems like a good way to start. 

What do you guys think of this cryptocurrency buzz?