Uber Eats is attempting to provide aid to local restaurants and citizens by waiving their delivery service fees in the United States and Canada amidst the coronavirus outbreak. With government officials taking extreme precautions in the attempt to contain the highly-contagious virus, closing schools, limiting restaurant capacity, and closing all recreational businesses, some citizens are struggling to obtain a decent meal. Fortunately, delivery services like Uber Eats are stepping up to the plate and doing something thoughtful for the sake of humanity. Uber Eats Waives Delivery Fees Amidst Coronavirus Outbreak Rick Kern/Getty Images

The app-based food delivery platform released a formal statement via email and an in-app notification for both their consumers and restaurant clientele that partially reads:

"We will also launch daily dedicated, targeted marketing campaigns -- both in-app and via email -- to promote delivery from local restaurants, especially those that are new to the app,"

Uber Eats also revealed to their clientele that they would be able to pay their restaurant fees daily, instead of the current weekly cycle. 

The company's direct competitor, Seamless, emailed customers over the weekend to announce they're suspending commission fees for independent restaurants to allow them to rebound from the business they've lost due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Since President Trump has declared the coronavirus a national emergency, small and independent businesses have taken a huge hit leaving business owners and entrepreneurs not only concerned about their health and well-being but wondering how they're going to make ends meet if they are forced to close their businesses temporarily. The Head of State has hinted at providing citizens with a stimulus package, but that is only a temporary fix to a much bigger problem. 

Hopefully, more major corporations and businesses continue to be as innovative as Uber Eats and Seamless to ease the distress of the masses during such trying times.