Ubisoft is trying to do something that has never been done before. With their long-awaited Watch Dogs sequel, the gaming studio plans to eradicate the nonplayable character. NPCs are a staple in video games because they help enrich the story and environment. That will still be the case in Watch Dogs: Legion, but now players can recruit any NPC off the street to join their squad. 

Ubisoft released a new ambitious gameplay trailer the gives a bit of a story and background to Watch Dogs: Legion. The trailer goes on to show that terrorist attacks in London force the government to hire a private military company to help stop the problem. Of course, the military company, called Albion, is corrupt and turns the city into a police state. Gamers can recruit anyone, from a grandma to a rogue cop, to join their team. In fact, the game brags that you should be able to build an army, hinting that every single character in the game can be under your control at one point.  Watch Dogs: Legion is set to hit the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on October 29, but will also premiere on the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 systems as well.