On Friday UFC flyweight Andrea Lee posted a seemingly harmless photo of her and her husband posing by the lake. Her husband sporting a life jacket, let his sleeves hang out, and the discerning eye of the Web found something to pick at. In the picture below, you might be able to spot a swastika tattoo on his forearm.

As you would your dearly beloved partner, Andrea Lee leapt to his defence on Social Media. Unfortunately her efforts to weather the storm were not particularly well realized. Users branded both "KGB" Lee and her husband as "nazis" and "racists," which incurred a rather asinine response from her. Lee used the rationale that they had several "ethnic" friends in their circle. She also mentioned renting out her flat to an "Asian & a black guy that live with us!” 

To her surprise her logic didn't win her any hearts. I guess the idea a symbol associated with hate mongering didn't dawn on her as offensive, or rather him, because shouldn't he be coming to his own defence? It's all relative to how much goodwill she's willing to invest? In fact, if she just would have held back a little, she could have saved face. It's pretty obvious her exarcebation is what people are fussing over, less than his actual tattoo.