Shortly after publishing the music video for "Juice" with YG, news that Bhad Bhabie was being trained by UFC star Cris Cyborg came to light, via the rapper's social media.

In a video post snippet of the aforementioned music video, Bhad Bhabie went on to thank Cris Cyborg for her help in getting into "game shape." Cyborg is also a notable participant in the music video, at roughly the 1:45 mark, her star presence compensating for absentee YG.

The MMA star, who has an upcoming fight in the UFC with titlist and countrywoman Amanda Nunes, has grown fond of the teenage rapper, going as far as to take her under her wing, as she preps for her UFC 232 super fight. 

Cyborg claims that although they've already commenced light training, she hopes to impart some of her mixed martial art skills on the youngster. "Soon we are gonna train together. Mixed martial arts teaches kids discipline. I think you learn a lot. When I start training, I learned a lot of things," she told TMZ.

Cyborg has invited Bhad Bhabie to train with her in Southern California; she even remarked on the teenager character, most befitting of a slugger. "She said she really like street fights. The first day I met her she said, 'I don't like gloves I like a street fight," she said of her first encounter with Bregoli.