We've been keeping you guys updated on the happenings of Tekashi69 and LAX brawl that was supposedly started over 69's history with women. "He has a track record of bothering girls." Acie High, whose crew started the brawl, told TMZ. "When we got there and he [was bothering] our sisters when they didn't wanna fuck with him, [his entourage] had some words about it and then we had some words about it, and one thing turned to another."

Since the video has hit the web with a few reactions to the moves made (or not made) by 69, UFC fighter Tyron Woodley has also jumped in to share his thoughts on the beat down, saying 69's role in the fight is "embarrassing." 

"I just want people to know that this my first time seeing this video and when you got handled like that my man, sit your ass down somewhere," Tyron says in the clip below. "He didn't get into the fight until the last 12-seconds of the fight and then we he got in, the majority was on the ground getting stomped out."

Watch the full video below. What do you guys think?