The College Football Playoff is typically the stage that hosts the four best squads in the country, but a few members of the Georgia Bulldogs beg to differ following the losses suffered by Notre Dame and Oklahoma in their respective playoff matches on Saturday.

First up was the Fighting Irish as they took on Clemson's Tigers in the Cotton Bowl, only to suffer a defeat by a margin of 30-3. This was the moment that sparked some raised eyebrows from players on the Georgia squad, including Wide Receiver Terry Godwin. The team was officially ranked at No. 5, narrowly placing them out of the playoff run as they prepare for the Sugar Bowl taking place on New Year's Day.

Such sentiments only grew stronger across the board as Oklahoma fell to Alabama in the Orange Bowl 28-0, but it bears noting that the Bulldogs loss to Alabama in the SEC Championship game had some part in their current ranking. Either way, it does raise the notion of what could have been. Odds are that Coach Kirby's boys could have very well matched up in these Playoff games themselves and come through with a stellar performance. Then again, there's always next year.

Next up, Alabama and Clemson will face off in the National Championship on Monday, January 7th to bring the postseason to an official close.